Giving patients their freedom back

iV-GO® is a real-life game changer for IV-treatment. Say goodbye to the outdated IV-pole, or the dependency on a bed or chair to receive iV treatment. iV-GO® is treatment “on the go” – empowering the patient with independence, dignity and mobility.
DDA Winner 2020

No batteries – No chargers

iV-GO® is based on a clever mechanical system that eliminates the need for batteries or power cords

Easy to handle, easy to use

Wind the charge wheel, load the bag, start the treatment – it’s that simple

Mobile during treatment

Let the patient move freely, visit the cafeteria or even go for a walk outdoors


IV-GO® improves patient safety, increases usability and reduces the financial costs

Anne Lis Mikkelsen Englund

Sc.D. Chief Physician, Holbæk Hospital, Denmark

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Designed and manufactured in Denmark
to help patients all over the world

% of all patients worldwide receive IV treatment
% emptying degree
% mechanical