iV-GO set forfra med gennemsigt baggrund

Mobile & Mechanical IV infusion pump

iV-GO® is a fully mechanical, patented IV solution in a novel and innovative design. Simple mechanics enable patients to be mobile during treatment. iV-GO® contains no electronics and is not restricted by battery lifetime, and is therefore better suited for lengthy treatments. And perhaps most importantly, iV-GO® offers IV-treatment in a lightweight and compact unit, freeing up space at the hospital and enabling patients to receive the treatment on-the-go.


iV-GO® History

iV-GO® was conceived by OSAA Innovation’s founder Ahmed Hessam, based on his own experiences being hospitalized numerous times. During his own treatment in 2009 at Rigshospitalet he noticed a girl playing outside while her mother was trying to keep up with her, constantly holding an IV bag above the girl, so that she could still receive the required treatment. It suddenly occurred to Ahmed how restricted patients are during IV treatment and he decided to develop a better and more user-friendly alternative for administering IV treatment.

Freedom to be mobile

iV-GO® ends the dependence on staying in a hospital bed or depending on an IV-pole to receive iV treatment and allows for treatment “on the go” – whether in hospital or in the patient’s own home, or even outdoors. iV-GO® weighs less than two kilos, and even with a full bag of liquid, it weighs less than an average shoulder bag containing a laptop and personal items. The concept is fully developed, tested and validated by healthcare professionals and patients, compellingly designed and easy to use.

Live demonstration

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